Hello and welcome to my blog.

I thought it will be great if i explain why i decided to go natural before showing or talking about anything else on the blog concerning hair. I have always permed my hair since 2004 when i entered the university, reasons being my natural hair is to strong and painful to care for. But when i travelled to Norway back in 2010, my relaxed hair could hardly survive the harsh weather or too much cold. I remembered there was a week i had no time to plate my hair and it was winter, my goodness i work up and almost all my sides looked like i just returned from a barbing saloon.  So its been on and off breakage and i finally decided in June 2015 that i was going to shave my entire hair for the summer. To tell you guys the truth, it was not only about having a new summer look. It was the uneasiness and the internal heat i was experiencing while i was pregnant and i thought having a low cut will help. Yes i thought of only having a low cut but did not plan to keep it natural from the onset. But as the months passed by and i started experiencing fuller hair line and my hair was so dark and thick, and i was overwhelmed with the hold new hair. Then i said to myself there is no way i am going to spoil my hair anymore with crazy relaxers. When i took that decision, i started searching on youtube different ways to care for my natural hair.

My husband was the first to encourage me to continue the whole journey and that he likes the new me with the natural hair. I will wash my hair every day and enjoy water to its fullest,until the hair became thicker and difficult to dry easily. Then i went to washing the hair once a week and will deep condition it once a month. That has been my practice till date. I try not to be crazy about what natural hair products to use and went for very basic once i thought were necessary for me.

The complements i get on my natural hair surpasses when i was relaxed and that has encouraged me to keep going and not give up. Because the truth is ,there are some days that the hair refuses to corporate and it can be very frustrating. But then i just go to some few stars whose natural hair inspires me like Omoni Oboli who is a Nigerian actress. And i find myself speaking to myself that i can do it, and watch more videos on natural hair. Am not going to lie anyone who is considering taking that decision to go natural, its hard but then you will find out that it is worth every stress.

I am not in any way a hair specialist but watching the various hair types, i will say i have a type 4c hair because it is very kinky. Natural hair can make you not look quite most times but then i have my way around it with my own styles and i make others feel like keeping it. I remember one of my friends back home once told me she always comes to check my pictures with my natural hair whenever she want to give up keeping natural hair,and that my natural hair inspires her. From then on i imagined how many people i must have encouraged unknowingly to go natural because of my personal style. It was amazing to  know that someone else will use my hair to encourage herself to keeping hers.

I started getting a lot of questions on how i care for my hair,style and keep it glowing. Thus the thought of creating this blog despite all the many blogs that exist on natural hair. I told myself my style is different and i wear my hair with confidence in any style.I remember going home in March 2017 and my mum could not understand why i would want strong natural hair to being relaxed. My little niece even threatened   to shave my hair and kept saying my hair was urgly. But deep down in me i was convince and know what i wanted and no one could convince me enough to going back the being relaxed. My friends will miss my natural styling more than me, when i decide to do a protective style for a week or two.  I flex more when  I am rocking my natural hair and feel unique especially back home where it is not so common.

My advice to anyone contemplating going natural is  to be patient enough to understand your hair and know what products work best for you and take things easy. Blow are some pictures when i had my big chop till date.

relaxed hair
first short hair
after BIG CHOP
short hair 3
pregnant when i had my big chop
short hair 4
first week of April 2016 growth



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