August Protective Hairstyle (mini twist).

Happy new month people.
its August and i said to myself, delly you have been disturbing your hair for sometime now. And one of the rules of this natural game is low manipulation in order to retain length. since i am avoiding to braid my hair in order to grow my edges from the last braid i hard in April, i decided to go for mini two strand twist.

Pari Zuriel and Mum in Denim Outfits.

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Meet my August born pretty little daughter by name Pari Zuriel. Our very first blog post together hahahaha, guys she has always been behind the seen of all my photo shoots. But i guess i was waiting for her birthday month to pop up before she features in my blog. cos i will dedicate my august blog post to her cos we only just started. she is the love of my life ooops and the man behind the camera too lol. Okay so meet Parigo as we funny call her,


Hello and welcome to my blog.
Last weekend i had this cute updo. The tutorial on this look is now available on my youtube channel @ Delly Bie. you can also follow my instagram page @ delly_bie for more styles on my natural hair. And if your new to any of my sites please do not forget to join the family by subscribing.