Wedding Guess Hairstyle on Natural Hair with Marley Hair.


Hello Beauty,
Todays blog is about this lovely hairstyle which i made on my friends hair this past weekend for a wedding she had to attend. Growing natural hair, most women still feel they will be limited in styles and also looking shabby most of the time. But with the right stylist and proffessional touch you end up looking like a princess in a pretty big and rich kingdom lol.

So, i decided to style her hair the simplest way possible but still looking elegant and expensive. All I used for this hair was a packet of marley hair braids, and i cut the hair into 2 halves since i needed it short. Then went ahead to section herhair into 4 major sections namely: the 2 site parts which i corn roll 3 on each side, the the front and the back side which i did crochet the marley hair into it.

I installed half at the front as well as the back of the hair making it 1 pack. After the crochet method , i went ahead to divide the back into four and made big chuncky twist. Pinned them down and simply went infront to roll and tuck the entirel hair using bobby pins. You  can use as many pins as you need to make it more secured. she did not have any accessories but you can accessorize urs and it will look gorgeous.

I was too lazy to film a tutorial for this look but if you are interested in knowing how to achieve such looks ,please drop a comment and i will film a tutorial for you guys. This haiestyle can be worn to several different occasions and even as a bride or braidsmaid.

let me know your thoughts and i will see you in another blog. please do not forget to follow my blog and my other social media sites. You can also watch all my hairstyles on this blog on my youtube channel. Why not SUBSCRIBE  and i love you for visiting my blog.

below are more pics to see the entire hair.


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