hope you guys are doing fine.
I have decided to do a six months hair growth challenge, so my very first protective style is this lovely beautiful crochet hair that i am rocking. Recently my hair has been stagnant and i thought it will be a great idea to keep it away for six months with very minimal manipulation. I really cant tell how long i intend to carry this hair, but one very important thing abt this hair is that it is super light.
The hair is Afro Silky twist braids in color, I used 2 packets and divided the hair into 2 since i wanted it short. Then went ahead to braid my hair and used my crochet niddle to install it. If you are interested in knowing how i installed this, then please head over to my youtube channel to watch the tutorial. I will also be uploading different ways in which i style this particular hair on my channel, so stay tuned.

Let me know your thoughts and if there is any question please do not hesitate to leave in the comment and i will eply you soonest. Stay blessed and i will be glad to hear from you all and do not forget to follow this blog if you are new here.




2 thoughts on “MY SIX MONTHS HAIR GROWTH CHALLENGE, (1ST Protective style).

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