Hello Beautiful People. I know it has been ages since i posted here. If you do follow me on youtube (Delly Bie), then its no surprise cos i made a video announcing my pregnancy some weeks back.   My family and I are really so happy and we can not wait to finally welcome our 4th member of the family. If your my follower you already know that i have a little princess  and she can not wait to be a big sister soon.

Currently am 33 weeks gone already and i am so excited that i will soon offload this heavy load. My pregnancy has not been an easy one but i thank God the baby and I are doing just fine. I mean that is the most important thing to know despite all the morning sickness and heart burn that i have been experiencing all through this journey.

During my first trimester it was really hard for me because i could hardly eat anything or drink as well. The morning sickness was unbearable but thank God i pulled through it. A lot of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram could guess right that i was pregnant judging from my big nose hahahaha.

Currently i feel very heavy and the last time i weighed 79kg which i must say is really to much. Normally am 68 or 70kg at most without pregnancy so,am guessing this baby will be  big.

I am likely going to give birth this summer and fingers crossed am going to let you guys know as soon as the baby pops. It is my second baby so hopefully am praying he or she comes earlier than expected.

For those of you who kept on checking on my blog despite my absence am really grateful and stay tuned for more updates.




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