Formal Occasion Hairstyle For Natural Hair.

Hi Beautiful.
So i decided to create this look using solely my own hair. First you have to straighten your hair to get the sleek look and shine. Then i went ahead to separate my hair into 4 sections. Went on to roll and tuck my ends. the tutorial is on my youtube channel,if you are interested to watch. You will need hair pins and any hair accessory of your choice.
You can wear this look as a bride,a guest in a formal occasion,church ,work etc. This look will give you that classic and chic look you will not imagine ever. It is all about being different while killing it your own way.

I make you believe in your natural slayage by loving your natural hair beyoung your own imagination. Going natural have made me realise the best part of me i never knew by all these creative things i can now do. You have to love your own hair knowing you can not escape from your real texture from birth.
I hope you love the look and let me know your thoughts.



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