Elegant Side Braid Updo on Natural Hair.


side view

Hello and welcome to my blog.
I know it has been long since i posted on my blog, this was as a result of technical issues i had with computer. But thanks to hubby everything is back to normal and i can also do my videos. This was one hairstyle i did last month and everyone loved it but could not share here, so what i did was to do 3 cornrolls on both sides of my head. Then in front i loosely braided the ends of my hair to form this high pompadour. Then went behind to tuck in the ends of my hair which i divided into 4 in the middle using a bobby pin as seen in the last picture. Finally pinned the braided ends on both sides in the middle separating the front and the back.

I did not really do much on my hair in august because i wanted to let it rest. i love to keep simple hairstyles to avoid too much manipulation and pulling since i need my hair to grow longer before december. let me know your thoughts about this hair style but unfortunately i did not make any video but i plan to recreate the look for my youtube before the end to the week.


front view



back view



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