Take Note Of Things Your Hair Does Not Accept And Stop.


twist before wash but i do not have a picture after i washed it.

Hello and welcome to my blog beautiful.

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will be very familiar with my hair texture and density. But if you are new to my channel, i will be glad to let you know i am talking about my 4C hair. At the beginning of the month of August i posted my mini twist as one of my protective styles i intended to use for two weeks.  So i was rocking this lovely mini twist which a lot of you ladies really loved, but after a week i decided to wash them since i wash my hair every week. Unfortunately i realised the following:

  1. first my twist became very thin and shrunken,
  2. Secondly, the twist and my scalp dry up easily even after moisturizing it,
  3.  and lastly, my individual twist were tangled.

The dryness was unbearable after two days when i washed them, so i decided to take off the twist. Before doing so i had to wet my entire hair and applied everything i had as moisturizer and wore a shower cap for the hair to be moist before taking down the twist. But i do not think it helped me in anyway, so i just had to struggle patiently and slowly to take it down.  The first time i experienced this same tangles from washing my twist i thought may be i was not patient enough to do it right. But i have realised that my hair does not accept washing it when in mini twist.  So i guess i will only wear my twist without washing them until i decide to take them off for my weekly wash.

I see a lot of Youtubers doing this and i thought i should try washing my hair while in a twist . But men the stuff did not work on my hair so i guess its a no no no for me. I will never wash my hair in a twist.  What i am trying to say is, not everything you see others do on their hair will work on yours. Yes its good to try but if your hair rejects it, you should be vigilant enough to notice it and stop. If not you will end up destroying your hair and you do not want that.

I  will be glad to know if this happens to your hair or have experienced it. or better still let me know what you noticed that your hair does not accept especially if you are 4c like me. drop your comments below and i will be glad to learn from you girls too. thanks for being part of the blog and i hope you learn something from todays post.

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9 thoughts on “Take Note Of Things Your Hair Does Not Accept And Stop.

  1. I just did a post on my minitwists experience last week. I agree that it’s so important to listen to your hair when it doesn’t like something. My hair doesn’t like glycerin apparently, though a lot of others do!


  2. The twists were too small in my opinion, i wash my hair in twists too and its also 4c hair but i use bigger twists. About 8 sections, yiu can make more sections depending on the hair length. Also when washing apply the shampoo to the roots focus on scrubbing the roots and scalp then let the shampoo flow to the tips as the main dirt is on the scalp

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