August Protective Hairstyle (mini twist).


Happy new month people.
It is August and i said to myself, delly you have been disturbing your hair for sometime now. And one of the rules of this natural game is low manipulation in order to retain length. Since i am avoiding to braid my hair in order to grow my edges from the last braid i hard in April, i decided to go for mini two strand twist.

Took me a couple of hours to finish but hey it came out lovely and i decided to share. So what i normally do is wet my entire hair and then apply my amla or olive oil that i use always for each section before twisting. I intend to use this for two weeks so my hair can have the space it needs. its very easy to maintain this hair style and i can also wash it at the end of each week.

let me know your hair goals for the month of August and also your protective style you intend to use anytime soon. AS always its your girl Delly and i make natural hair fun keeping. Please do not forget to follow my blog if its your first time here.

Remain Blessed.



26 thoughts on “August Protective Hairstyle (mini twist).

  1. Wow really I’m about to start my journey though I had a perked hair don’t know if i should cut off the edges or I should just stop petting. Thanks for your advice in advance your blog is inspiring by the way.

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    • wow its good to know we have similar hairstyle right now. i must confess going natural has been one of my best decisions ever. it has given me my own personality that made me started blog.


  2. My August protective style plans are to try out some wigs! I have a 4c kinky curly wig from Sam’s Beauty that I haven’t worn yet so I plan to try it out. If all else doesn’t work, I’ll be heading back to box braids.
    I love your twists! They turned out super neat.

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