Pari Zuriel and Mum in Denim Outfits.


Hello and welcome to my blog.
Meet my August born pretty little daughter by name Pari Zuriel. Our very first blog post together hahahaha, guys she has always been behind the seen of all my photo shoots. But i guess i was waiting for her birthday month to pop up before she features in my blog. Because i will dedicate my August blog post to her cos we only just started, she is the love of my life ooops and the man behind the camera too lol.

Okay so meet Parigo as we funny call her, she is going to be 2years old by August 27, and i can not keep calm cos its her birthday month. She made me a woman, a mum and thought me how to be patient cos sometimes men,she drives me coco hahaha. I was practically begging her to smile during the photo shoot but she was not in the mood cos of flue.
So we had our church get together last weekend,saturday to be precise. And i felt it will be fun dressing in all denim with her. My husband refuse to dress same with us, so we turned him into our photographer hahahahaha. Pari started her natural hair journey once again cos i shaved her hair few months back. so i decided to give her this dreads look since she hates cumb. and as usual my easiest style ever and i guess you ladies should be use to it by now on me. The weather was not so good cos it was rainy all day but we had to take these pics for this post.

Sometimes a little can be too much and bonding with kids can be in different ways and why not use the time to have fun. Pari loves interrupting my photos so i decided this month she will be in them. So sit back relax and watch us do our little thing up until her final birthday shoot. God has been faithful to me and my family and all i can say is thank you Jesus. keep watch……

Remain Blessed.



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