Chunky Twist Out On Short Natural Hair.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Today i decided to show you guys a very easy way i style my hair. This is my go to twist out you will always see me with. Its quit simple and easy to do, i normally go to bed with my hair all twisted out in big sizes. So it is always easy to style anytime, all that is needed to do the next day is moisturize and oil my hair to give it some shine. Then i untwist each twist to get this individual chunky look. This style is now part of me because i love it soo much and i get lots of compliment on it .

If you are the crazy look kind of person then definitely try this style out. This  style can be done on very short hair as well and it looks nice too. I remember twisting my very short hair as soon as i could grab it with my fingers to achieve this crazy look. So a lot of my friends now prefer me having this on than braid or install extensions. But sometimes i need to give my hair space and also do a protective style once in a while.

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