Two Years Anniversary Hair Style.

thumb_IMG_1422_1024Hello and welcome to my blog.
My hair is two years old this june since i went natural. I have been so busy lately but in my mind i was wondering what do, to mark 2years of been natural. I know most of you will love to see how long my hair is after 2 years. But i thought such will be a boring post knowing how excited i was trying to create something different. For the past two years i have been listening to my hair consciously to know what it likes and hate. It takes alot of patience which i must say i never had before but now i have learnt to be very patient with my own hair.
Used mayonnaise  last night to deep condition my hair and my hair became so soft . for the style i started by putting my hair into two buns. Then attached an extension which has single dreads and used hair pins when i was satisfied with the shape i wanted. On the sides i laid the hair flat and attached it to the bun at the back. i was just trying to create something that will suit my face. thumb_IMG_1372_1024thumb_IMG_1360_1024thumb_IMG_1361_1024thumb_IMG_1409_1024thumb_IMG_1365_1024



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