Hi Beauty, I am so sorry i have been away from my page for so long. But i am happy to be back before the year goes to an end. Here is is an update on how my hair looks right now.



Hello Beautiful People. I know it has been ages since i posted here. If you do follow me on youtube then its no surprise cos i made a video announcing my pregnancy some weeks back.


Hi Beautiful. Let me introduce you to a celebrity and professional,talented and unique DIY natural hair stylist, youtuber and blogger. Meet the all beautiful and smart Delly Bie. She will make you believe in your natural hair. Not only that but make you an envy to all. she uses her natural hair to showcase the beauty of our African God given hair. She will not only help you grow your natural hair beautiful, strong and healthy but also boost your self esteem,...

Formal Occasion Hairstyle For Natural Hair.

Hi Beautiful. So i decided to create this look using solely my own hair. First you have to straighten your hair to get the sleek look and shine. Then i went ahead to separate my hair into 4 sections. Went on to roll and tuck my ends. the tutorial is on my youtube channel,if you are interested to watch. you will need hair pins and any hair accessory of your choice. You can wear this look as a bride,a guest in a formal occasion,church ,work. I hope you love the look and let me know your thoughts.


Happy New Year Beautiful. I know i have been away for so long but am back. And i decided to start off with this very simple look. The tutorial is now up on my youtube channel, if your interested to see how i achieved the look. Please do not forget to like and subscribe for more hair styles.


Hello and welcome to my blog. today after washing my hair, i decided to twist it after moisturizing it. i used shea butter,oils and my treatment cream from organics. i let it dry for an hour and unravelled it, then used a ban to pull one side.


Hi beautiful. Please check out my youtube channel to see how i achieved this hairstyle. My youtube name is Delly Bie. Thanks and i hope to read from you ladies on what you think of the hair style.

My Hair And I On a Vacation For 10 Days.

Hello and welcome to another blog post. Today i felt my hair needed to rest from all the styling and manipulation. Knowing i dont like any other protective style but twist,i decided to make it fun. hope you like it and try it also on ur hair.


Hello and Welcome to my Blog. This is one lovely way i use to style my fro and i absolutely love it. No matter how kinky my hair can be, i always have a way out hahahaha. All you need to do is accept your texture and work your way out. Black girl magic. Let me know your thoughts about it and i will reply soonest. Thanks for stopping by and love you all.

Elegant Side Braid Updo on Natural Hair.

Hello and welcome to my blog.               I know it has been long since i posted on my blog, this was as a result of technical issues i had with computer. But thanks to hubby everything is back to normal and i can also do my videos. This was one hairstyle i did last month and everyone loved it but could not share here,

Take Note Of Things Your Hair Does Not Accept And Stop.

Hello and welcome to my blog beautiful. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will be very familiar with my hair texture and density. But if you are new to my channel, i will be glad to let you know i am talking about my 4C hair. At the beginning of the month of August i posted my mini twist as one

August Protective Hairstyle (mini twist).

Happy new month people. its August and i said to myself, delly you have been disturbing your hair for sometime now. And one of the rules of this natural game is low manipulation in order to retain length. since i am avoiding to braid my hair in order to grow my edges from the last braid i hard in April, i decided to go for mini two strand twist.

Pari Zuriel and Mum in Denim Outfits.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Meet my August born pretty little daughter by name Pari Zuriel. Our very first blog post together hahahaha, guys she has always been behind the seen of all my photo shoots. But i guess i was waiting for her birthday month to pop up before she features in my blog. cos i will dedicate my august blog post to her cos we only just started. she is the love of my life ooops and the man behind the camera too lol. Okay so meet Parigo as we funny call her,


Hello and welcome to my blog. Last weekend i had this cute updo. The tutorial on this look is now available on my youtube channel @ Delly Bie. you can also follow my instagram page @ delly_bie for more styles on my natural hair. And if your new to any of my sites please do not forget to join the family by subscribing.

Birthday Party at the Lake Site Today.

Happy weekend to all my online family. Hey guys am just from attending a birthday barbeque party that was organised beside the lake. just very close to the host's house and i thought it was quite a beautiful place to share the pics.

Quick Bun Updo Tutorial On Natural 4c Hair.

Hello Beautiful, today i decided to do something different. Instead of a post i decided to do a quick tutorial to show you ladies how i got this look. Its my first tutorial here on the blog,so lets see how many likes am going to get. Then i will know if i should do short clips on hair styles here often. Please do not forget to click FOLLOW, and also check a similar video on my youtube channel :DELLY BIE.

Natural Hair Tag.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Todays post is a hair tag, created by Yeka of . Thank you girl for nominating me as one of those to participate in the hair tag.

Roll,Tuck and Pin on Natural 4C Hair.

Hello and Welcome to my Blog. This post is overdue since i keep postponing it here. Its fun for me having to style my natural hair any way i deem fit. Everything works for me and i think it is a good thing to be versatile with my styles. I am one of the very few to change the mentality that natural hair can be very fun. I do have a tutorial on this style on my youtube channel. find me on youtube as DELLY BIE.

How I stretch My Natural 4C Hair Without Heat.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i decided to show you guys how i straighten my natural 4c hair without heat. I try as much as possible to avoid using heat on my hair. Excess of it can damage my hair so i used the old school method,which is the african threading. This method makes my kinky 4c hair to look very smooth,

Natural Hair Updo On 4c Hair(Protective style).

Hello and welcome to my blog. Todays hair style is a protective style. Its good to protect your ends from getting dry when might cause breakage if care is not taking. Behind is a bun with marley hair extension that i twisted. But in front it is all my hair that i roll and tuck into each other.


Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i brought you this lovely afro puff updo on natural hair. This is a very simple and easy hair to wear especially during summer as places are very hot. You can wear this look almost everywhere from work to church to a wedding and you name the rest.

Off The Shoulder Top Anytime.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i am bringing you very basic outfit that i combined together. I have a thing for off the shoulder outfits this summer and i find myself loving them so much. This particular top cut my attention because it came with its neck choker and i did not have to worry about my own necklace. And which girl would not fall for such a vibrant pink for the summer.

Roll Tuck & Pin on Short Natural Hair.

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today i decided to play around a little bit with my twist. I separated my hair into parts and created buns. Then went ahead to tuck in my ends with a hair pin to achieve this look. For me being natural has made me realise i do not need to do too much on my hair. Anything goes and fits, just depend on how bold enough you are to feel confident and comfortable with yourself.

Two Years Anniversary Hair Style.

Hello and welcome to my blog.           My hair is two years old this june since i went natural. I have been so busy lately but in my mind i was wondering what do, to mark 2years of been natural. I know most of you will love to see how long my hair is after 2 years.

Faux Bun & Bang on Short Natural Hair.

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a very quick and easy style to do. I achieved this hair style by putting part of my hair in a bun and attached marley hair to make the bun bigger. Then left part of my real hair in front to form a rough bang from my old twist out. After which i spiced it up with my black and white hair band.


Hello and welcome to my blog. I thought it will be great if i explain why i decided to go natural before showing or talking about anything else on the blog concerning hair. I have always permed my hair since 2004 when i entered the university, reasons being my natural hair is to strong and … Continue reading WHY I WENT NATURAL

Summer Is Here

Hey guys, the weather in Gothenburg is becoming friendly,even though i still have to go with a leather jacket. I am rocking this very lovely army green short from ESMARA. Its a good feeling to finally put off those boring big winter jackets and look hot for the summer season. Its good and exciting to see every where green and peaceful. i love to keep it simple,clean and above all looking smart.